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Supports and Restraints



Renol Products are divided into 4 broad categories :



   Daily Living                                 Positioning                                   Supports                                      Braces



What is Renol


Renol is a Belgium based company dedicated in the pursuit of manufacturing quality restraints, supports and positionersfor patients. Whether you represent an institution, nursing home or a homecare user, Renol products offer the right productsthat meet your every need. 


Whether you are looking for durability, functionality or cost effectiveness, Renol products caters to varying user needs with a full range of complimentary products that not only work as individual components but come together as systems. So in essence you can buy basic systems and grow the range as you see fit.


Is it eithical to use Restraints?


It has always bothered medical professionals to use products like restraints because of ethical and humane considerations.However, Renol has spent considerable time and effort to infuse these products with the right mix of functional practicality delivering comfort as well as ensuring dignity for users.


Taking nursing input over the 40 years of experience, Renol developed the most practical, safe and effective tools to maintainsafety and comfort for the aged, physically or mentally challenged and handicapped persons.


What are the Uses of Restraints?


Without ensuring the safety of our patients, falls, accidents, and self inflicted injuries are possible and present a clear and imminent danger to compromised patients.


Patients with dementia are particularly prone to removing essential medical provisions like catheters, diapers, cannulas and feeding tubes. Removal of such items can often lead to a break in the required service provision and may require professionalmedical support for reinstatement. Cost and convenience are severely impacted and the inability to provide the essetial serviceto the patient, like timely feedingcan bedisrupted. Imagine if an oxygen cannula is removed in the middle of the night and youwill see the weight of the situation in a different light.



Positioners and Supports Use


They are used to help make the patient more comfortable and also to prevent injures by securing certain areas from being potentially hurt causing to the patient. Whether on the nursing bed, wheelchair or anywhere else, these products givecomfort, safety and reliability to ensure the patients are well take care of.


Get your patient a Renol product now.    



What are Braces ?


Braces are products that offer the patient a firmer restraint solution. Particularly with aggrresive or violent cases where thepotential for self injury or injury to others is likely. In such cases, bracing solutions offer a means of ensuring a safer environmentfor patiests and caregivers alike.


Braces are ideal products for use in institutions where patients present with levels of aggression due violent behaviourlike mental institutions caring for manic patients and correctional facilities where criminals may need to be subdued. In the homesetting, it may be appropriate as well if the patient presents with behavioural patterns similar to the above.



Are there safety locks to prevent patients from self-release?


Renol products also offer a wide range of add-on lockable solutions (optional) that allow the user to secure the patient for hisown protectionThe system comes with either a key lock or magnet release systems unique to Renol. (shown below)



Magnet Lock         Magnet Key             Key Lock                 Key



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