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Teaching and Training Aids


CPR Manikins

Economy Half Body CPR Manikins



Sani Manikin - Single unit with 10 airway/lungs                             Sani Manikin Set of 4 units - with 100 airway/lungs 

Carry bag not supplied.                                                                     Carry bag supplied


Cost : $180                                                                                         Cost : $600


Product Details

These lifelike CPR manikins offer a realistic, affordable way to provide each student their own manikin. Designed with the instructor in mind.

No cleaning, no disinfecting, no disassembly required – just pack and go! Each manikin features: realistic head tilt, realistic chest rise, palpable landmarks, xiphoid process for reference in hand placement, and individual face shield/lung system. Lightweight and rugged. Set of 1 or 4 Economy Adult Sani-Manikins in a convenient nylon carry bag. Three-year warranty.



Deluxe Half Body Manikins



                                                                                         JT "Jaw Thrust" Brad


Product Details

Emerging from our very successful Brad CPR manikin comes the new Jaw Thrust Brad. This manikin offers all of the dependable characteristics that you’ve come to expect…durability, economy of purchase, ease of use, and simple function with the overall cost of teaching classes held to a minimum.
• Moveable jaw
• Individual mouthpiece
• One airway per day
• Removable chest plate for adolescent and adult CPR
• Rugged vinyl skin
• Long-lasting foam filling
• Replacement parts
Size: 28" x 18" x 10". Includes kneeling pads and carry bag. Three-year warranty.

Cost : $380

Full Body Manikin




                                                                   CPaRlene Full Body Manikin with electronics and printer


Product Details

CPARLENE® requires no cleaning! Individual student face masks provide maximum protection against cross contamination. Each face mask is designed with a one-way non-rebreathing valve and is disposable or may be reused after proper disinfection. Molded hair requires no maintenance. The disposable tracheal airway and lower airway with lung bag eliminate time-consuming disinfection procedures. Includes 10 disposable airways, 10 disposable tracheal airways, and five sanitary face masks.

Electronic monitoring allows trainees to critique their performance at a glance. All electronic monitoring units are housed outside the CPARLENE® manikin, connected by a quick-release interface jack similar to a telephone extension. Portable electronics allow monitors, not students, to be moved from manikin to manikin. Helps reduce cross-contamination. All units are powered by “C” or “D” batteries, and change from adult to child readings with the flip of a switch. All electronic CPARLENE® models come complete with a washable jogging suit; child springs; and a hard carrying case with wheels.

This manikin provides maximum student/instructor feedback in four practice modes: compression rate, compression depth, ventilation duration, and ventilation volume. Red light indicates improper hand placement. The performance of each skill is displayed separately while averages are stored in the memory. With the flip of a switch, memory unit evaluates performance based on child or adult CPR standards. The manikin with both memory and printer will print out test strips that plot and tabulate test performance skills indicating good, high, and low results in either adult or child mode. Jaw thrust feature. Power saver feature automatically turns unit off, but retains previous data. Low battery indicator. Three-year warranty.

Cost : $3600


Teaching and Training - Other Manikins



                                                                                                                                 Choking Manikins

Product Details

Each manikin functions on the principle of clearing a blocked airway with forced air generated with the proper procedure – abdominal thrusts or back blows. Once the object is lodged in the airway, the student must use the anatomical landmarks to decide where to place their hands and how much pressure is required to accomplish the maneuver. With the appropriate force applied, the students are rewarded with the visual confirmation of an expelled object. Manikin includes rib cage, xiphoid process, suprasternal notch to provide anatomical reference, two foreign bodies for airway obstruction, shirt, and soft carry bag. Clothing and bag are fabric U.S.A. Size: 17" x 10" x 7". Three-year warranty.






                                                            I.A.F.F. Rescue Randy (with Additional Reinforcement)


Product Details

Designed with the help of the International Association of Fire Fighters. Developed for lifelike adult or juvenile patient handling, transportation, and extrication training. This manikin can be safely used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers. Made of tough cast vinyl with zinc-plated steel frame for longevity and rugged use. Manikin is fully articulated for positioning in widely diversified training environments. The manikin can be seated in an automobile, positioned in a smoke-filled room, and immobilized on a stretcher for mountain rescue instruction. Used by the U.S. Military, Fire, and Police Departments, Safety Teams, and Emergency Personnel for rescue and extrication from pole tops, confined spaces, collapsed buildings, smoke rooms, and ladder carry-down protocols worldwide. Perfect to use with the Manikin Moulage Kit for casualty simulation. Includes additional reinforcement to increase durability. Made of durable vinyl with 4,100-lb. test plastic-coated cables. Features include: articulated joints and weight distribution according to human weight distribution chart. Clothing not included. 6 ft. tall. Three-year warranty.


Available in 145lbs or 165lbs


Teaching / Training - AED (PAD) / CPR Training


4 hr session - with qualified trainer


Minimum 8 persons, maximum 12 persons per class 


$600 per class (on site)


Special course price for clients purchasing the Samaritan PAD.




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