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Pressure Banadages


Trident Medical's Field DressingTM Pressure Bandage              Click here for Brochure

Designed for  :


Paramedics                Military Medical Personnel           Soldiers on the field               Tactical Teams


Law Enforcement     Adventure Groups                          General FIrst Aid Users



Purpose of Use :


To stanch bleeding of a wound by proper pressure bandaging of the wound sitepreventing excessive blood loss, until medical helparrives.


To provide protection to the wound and help immoblise the limb if neceesary.


Can come with optional haemostat add on.


Military Medical Use :



Whether you are part of an elite force on a combat mission or regular soldier in training, military personnel realise that injuries are very likely given their uncertain environment and rigors of their duty.


To stay prepared is their only solution to avoiding serious injury to life or limb.

That is why all soldiers carry first aid dressings.


But, do they have what they need to stop bleeding and deal with all wounds even in the most adverse scenarios?


There are several challenges faced particularly by military personnel in dealing with wounds that are unique to their line of work.



Soldiers can face wounds in the harshest of conditions. Wounds from gun shots, shrapnel, bayonet stabbing, burns and nasty cuts and bruises are only some of the common challenges to deal with on the field. Couple that with unhygienic conditions, limitations on time to react, absence of help and delays in rescue, the injured soldier faces serious peril.


The Solution : Field DressingTM by Trident Medical

Trident Medical's Field DressingTM addresses these concerns  and meet the needs of the most discerning users because it was the fruition of a collaborative effort between an elite armed forces crack medical team headed by ER surgeon who clearly understood the needs of his troops.


Looking at the various products in the market and realising that none met their needs to satisfaction, Trident was engaged to develop a product that met all their needs. We delivered! 


The functionality we looked at were :

  • Ease of use by the average soldier
  • Single handed self application by the injured                                                                                      
  • Pressure inducement features to limit blood loss                                                                                              
  • Exit wound site management
  • Protection against contaminants and further injury
  • Immobilisation of the injured limb or area.



Features : 

1) Compact packing - the soldier has a lot to carry on his person and so the size and weight was kept to a minimum by vacuum sealing. 


2) Ease of opening - with cuts at the corners of the foil, the packing is easily opened even by a one-handed soldier 


3) Avoiding Roll Away - The bandage is rolled in a such a way as to make it easy to deploy and yet avoids roll away due to velcro strips along the length. The non-adherent pad is also folded inwards to avoid contamination upon opening. 


4) Absobent Bandage and Pad - allows holding of a significantly large volume of fluid. 


5) Extra Gauze - allows deployment to exit wound or gives added absorption within the pad 


6) 4M long Stretch Bandage - gives adequate binding and support as well acts to increase pressure to the wound 


7) Pressure inducement - provided by closure clip which allows the bandadge to be wound tight over it increasing pressure over the specific area. 


8) Fastening - with a clamp or velcro



Special Hamostat Feature : (New Development)


1) As an added features, a haemostatic agent can be added to the padding to provided an enhanced haemostatic feature.

Currently haemostats are carried by medics as they are specialised products on their own. With the haemostat feature incorporated, the Field DressingTM  Pressure Bandage with Haemostat is a 2 in 1

advanced dressing. A global first!







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