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Trident now accepts credit card payments online for all local and international oders!


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Dental Products

Trihexid - Alcohol free chlorhexidine professional oral rinse and spray

Flosspik - Flosspik with bendable head for better reach and easier flossing

Proxabrush - interdental brush with replaceable heads

Personal Protection Euipment for Dentists

  • Latex Gloves (powder free and lightly powdered)
  • Mint Latex Gloves
  • Isolation / Surgical gowns
  • Surgical Face Masks
  • Surgical mask with Visor

Other Dental Products

  • Cotton rolls
  • Saliva Ejectors

Resuscitation Products

  • Emergency Kit Complete (medications and surgicals)
  • Resuscitation kits (autoclaveable or single use)

Dental Medications

  • Please call us for our list of dental practice related drugs. Tel : 62887723. We only serve registered dental practitioners on signed orders.

Trident now offers a seamless online payment option for all purchases made both locally and internationally. For select items where margins are too low to absorb credit card charges, eg milk feeds and diapers, a 4% charge will be levied to offset bank charges. So select the items you want and send us an email to verify stock availaibility upon which we will process an online payment transaction for you to pay online. Once through, normally within the same day, the goods wll be sent out to you immediately. Email us at

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