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Trident now accepts credit card payments online for all local and international oders!


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Terms and Conditions



1) Every attempt is made to have displayed products represent the actual products available. However with constant product updates and the sheer volume of stocked items, we regret that Trident will not take responsibility for any dissimilarity between the actual products and those shown on the site. The onus will rest on the buyer to establish the necessary details and specifics before making any purchase.


2) Inventory stocking  details are not featured on site and users are advised to check with the company for availability.


3) Prevailing GST will apply to all items except to international orders. Deposits will not attract GST.


4) Not all items are featured on the site and users are requested to send in requests of requirements online to


5) Although every effort will be made to ensure that all sold or rented items are in proper working condition, all purchased or rented items are made at users' risk. No claims of liability or losses, for whatever reason, will be entertained by the company and the users accepts this upon hiring out or buying the equipment.




Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.Payment must be made before or at the point of goods receipt.


Credit card payments are made through paypal and an email with payment link will be provided to make purchase online. Payments by credit card are normally reflected within the day with an advice from paypel and so deliveries will be immediate upon that.


For items which are considered low margin products, eg enteral milk feeds and diapers, credit payment will attract an additional charge of 4% to cover bank charges. Most equipment purchases will not attract that charge.


The procedure for making a payment online is achieved by indicating the products you want and sending us an email to

After verifying availability, the team will send you a payment advice which will indicate the charges and a payment button which will lead you to the paypal credit section gateway. Follow the instructions online and the payment will be made securely.







6) Home delivery of items will be made at prevailing transport charges :

  • Hand carry items - $20 per trip (during office hours between 9 am - 5 pm)
  • Bulky items (2 man involved) - $ 60 - 100 per trips. Pls check on applicable charge upon order
  • Added difficulty (eg walkup > 1 flight of steps) - available upon request
  • After office charges - available upon request 
  • Special free delivery for enteral feeds for 5 cartons and above and diapers from 2 cartons onwards. (Or combined purchase of 3 cartons of enteral feeds and 1 carton of diapers)


7) Transport service will be provided within 3 working days of the order. Subject to availability, emergency transport service will be entertained based on the following surcharges :

  • Same day office hours (order before 2pm) - double the prevailing transport charge applicable for the item.
  • Same day after office hours (order after 2 pm) - triple the prevailing transport charge applicable for the item.

8) Missed deliveries due to buyers' absence will attract prevailing single trip transport charges for the effort, irregardless of whether there was a tranpsort charge applcable for that delivery.





9) Refundable deposits are variable based on the value of the items rented. The refundable deposit cannot be used to offset any outstanding payments due to the company. Refundable deposits will only be piad out within 7 days after all outstanding owings are settled with the company.



Rented Items


10) Users of rented items must return the items in original working condition. Any damage, loss or malfunction will be on users' account and must be made good before the deposit will be returned. No dispute will be entertained as the company's decision is final on all matters pretaining to the equipment and the users accept these terms when hiring out the equipment.





11) Applicable warranty will be provided through a warranty card stating the period of warranty. Warranties are non-transferable.


12) Warranty cover will be strictly on carry-in basis and transport and/or professional charges of personnel required to go onsite will be applicable.


13) Warranty will not cover abuse, misuse, act of god, consumables and wear and tear (regardless of period of use). Users must familiarise themselves with the product's proper use as ignorance will not be a valid reason for a claim on warranty.


14) Trident reserves the right to repair or replace the items with similarly product (with similar age) if warranty is still applicable on the item. In the event that neither is possible, Trident will reserves the right to return a pro-rated amount on the period left on the warranty Clients will not be allowed to select the means by which the warranty will be dealt with.


15) In the event a standby set is provided for the repair period, the period in which the replacement was effected will count towards the meeting the warranty period. Trident reserves the right to provide a suitable repacment till the warranty expires for the equipment if the repair is not feasible. After this period, the client will have to return the replacment set and take back their equipment. There will be no claims or payout that will apply in this circumstances after the warranty period is served out.


17) Any warranty applicable serviced items will only have the warranty upto the point of the initial warranty timeline. 










Trident now offers a seamless online payment option for all purchases made both locally and internationally. For select items where margins are too low to absorb credit card charges, eg milk feeds and diapers, a 4% charge will be levied to offset bank charges. So select the items you want and send us an email to verify stock availaibility upon which we will process an online payment transaction for you to pay online. Once through, normally within the same day, the goods wll be sent out to you immediately. Email us at

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