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Daily Living

Heels and Elbow Protection

The use of flexible, airy and comfortable materials such as cotton and silicon polyester fibres allows

pressure to be reduced on the heel and elbow through better distribution of the pressure zone.


The combination of cotton and silicon fibres optimises snugness, allows the skin to breathe freely and

minimises friction.

Elbow Protector


RCH 20100

Universal Size (pc)


Reduces pressure on the elbow by spreading the pressure zone.

Protects against friction and physical trauma due to impact against cotside. 


Machine washable


Heel Protector                                          


RCH 10100 - Basic                                   RCH 10200  - Comfort Protector                RCH10300 - Long Comfort Protector

Universal Size   (pc)                                   Universal Size      (pc)                                  Universal Size     (pc)


Prevents rubbing and reduces                 The pressure zone is more centred             The supports spreads the pressure across

pressure on the heel.                                 on the ankle. Allows significant                     a larger area and does away with pressure

                                                                     reduction on pressure to heel.                      on the heel. Total protection and comfort.


Machine washable                                     Machine washable                                        Machine washable





RCH 10400 - Roll Heel Protector

Universal Size     (pc)


Prevents heel from touching mattress

and therefore totally destressed


Machine washable



Hand Protectors / Therapy



Protective Gloves / Mittens





RCP 01100 - Hand Protection Soft                      RCP 01235 - Hand Protection Rigid (Net)

Universal Size     (pc)                                              Universal Size      (pc)


Cotton coating stuffed with silicone fibres.           Cotton coating stuffed with silicone fibres.


Machine washable 60o                                           Machine washable 60o







RCP 01236 - Hand Protection Rigid                     RCP 01238 - Hand Protection Rigid

                        with finger separators

Universal Size     (pc)                                              Universal Size      (pc)


Cotton coating stuffed with silicone fibres.           Cotton coating stuffed with silicone fibres.


Machine washable 60o                                           Machine washable 60o




RCA 01100 - Hand Therapy

Universal Size     (pc)


Cotton roll stuffed with silicone fibres is suitable for people suffering from muscular contractions and prolonged cramps.

It ensures that hand remains in good position and can be used in physiotherapy.


Machine washable




RCA 20001 - Apron PU (with tie)                          RCA 20011 - Apron PU with Catch Pocket (with tie)

45 x 80 cm                                                                45 x 50 cm


Universal Size     (pc)                                              Universal Size      (pc)


Machine washable 60o                                           Machine washable 60o



Wheelchair Accessories




RCA 10044 - Wheelchair Bag                                    RCA 10320 - Urine Bag Holder

45 x 40 cm                                                               


Designed to hold both personal                                  The holder attaches discreetly

effects and medical documents.                                  to the frame of the chair beneath

PU bag is hardy and easy to                                        the seat. It serves a double purpose :

maintain.                                                                         The net is intended to hold a urine bag

                                                                                         or urinal. The opaque flap conceals

                                                                                         the contents from prying eyes but

                                                                                         leaves visibility from the side for

                                                                                         nurses to guage the level. PU cover

                                                                                         is waterproof and easy to maintain.


Machine washable 60o                                                 Machine washable 60o






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