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Consulting - Regulatory and Marketing

Trident Pharm provides consulting services on the following areas :


1) Pharmaceutical and medical product registration and compliance of new and existing products.

2) Pharmaceutcal and medical market survey and premarketing analysis

3) New product launch and distrubutor appointment 

4) Strategic product revamping and market steering

5) Setup and commissioning of retail pharmacies and nursing homes

1.   Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Registration and Compliance of New and Existing Products

  • Trident Pharm helps organisations register to bring to market new products including pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical devices. 
  • We also help on compliance and regulatory matters with regards to new and existing products expecially in areas of classification, changes in formulation or manufacturing, extended or new indications, etc
  • Trident Pharm will also hold licences for the client and is prepared to distribute commercially viable solutions

2.   Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Market Survey and Premarketing Analysis

  • Trident Pharm helps organisations perform market studies for existing technologies and provides clients with valuable information on the market potential to help them evaluate business vialbility in Singapore. 
  • We also provide permarket analysis and surveys to feel the pulse of the market with the product. This can be an invaluable indicator of actual market dynamics and be a more precise barometer to the actual acceptance of the products and service.
  • Trident works with all major retail outlets in the medical arena as well as hospitals and nursing homes to achieve this.

3.   New Product Lauch and Distributor Appointment

  • Trident Pharm can help clients perform product launches locally and/or globally. With our extensive network of partners and associates, we deliver cross border solutions that help clients leverage on multi-centre launches to take advantage of market timing and interest.
  • Trident also helps prospective clients identify, shortlist and appoint distributors based on client indicated guidelines and specifications.

4   Strategic Product Revamping and Market Steering

  • Clients may be interested in revamping the product image either by changes in packaging, reintroducing the product to a separate market segment or exploiting emerging market trends to profile their products. Whatever the scenaro, Trident can help.

5.   Setup and Commissioning of Retail Pharmacies, Nursing Homes and Medical Centers

  • Trident Pharm can help interested parties evaluate suitable sites and develop operating businesses in the areas of retail pharmacy, nursing homes and and medical centres.
  • We are also able to source out and fully fit these concerns with both hardware and software and launch the project with operational hands-on services till the business is stable.
  • With our vast experience in sourcing and distribution, we are most suited to help any concern meet their budgets with the best possible products sourced from the global market place. We are also able to retrofit tight budgeted concerns with reused equipment.
  • Trident is also able to offer clients suitable links with key clinicians that may value add to their enterprise.


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Trident now offers a seamless online payment option for all purchases made both locally and internationally. For select items where margins are too low to absorb credit card charges, eg milk feeds and diapers, a 4% charge will be levied to offset bank charges. So select the items you want and send us an email to verify stock availaibility upon which we will process an online payment transaction for you to pay online. Once through, normally within the same day, the goods wll be sent out to you immediately. Email us at

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